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Solar tactical compass integrating a 9 axis gyroscopes-accelerometers-magnetometers inertial measurement unit for an ultra precise heading

The NS-SUNTACK is an all class compliant, solar powered, gimbaled,magnetic compass complete with a timer, shift indicator with bar graph, and super clear readout displayed on a red backlit LCD, making it ideal for night sailings. It features a wireless link to the optional USB dongle in order to access additional features, thanks to the PC software ‘NS-SUNTACK Wireless Manager’, which include:


The body

Inspired by the 40 meters waterproof digital camera dive casing, the design of the body is made around a thick rubber ring, sealed with 14 stainless steel screws. Made to survive the toughest conditions and wipeouts.



The Backlight

A red baclight ensures that the unit won't interfer with your sight vision



The battery

A standard AA rechargeable battery is used to power the unit: if necessary it can be changed easily by the user. The battery is protected by another thick rubber ring around the tab, the battery compartment is totally independent from the main body.



Dedicated user interface for the capture of the reference heading

Dedicated button for the timer and 2 dedicated ones for the capture of the reference heading on port and starboard.

The symbols on the buttons and their positions make the misunderstanding and wrong usage totally impossible.



NS-SUNTACK Wireless Manager

A free application for Windows


The NS-SUNTACK Wireless Manager software is an application for Windows that allows you to:

- Manage the setup and the class restriction

- Upgrade the embedded firmware





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